How To Mix Bass Guitar In Logic Pro X

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Using reverb on bass guitar in Logic Pro X

I used to think that instruments in the bass range were exempt from reverb/spatialization. I was partially wrong, but even bass guitar needs some reverb in the mixing stage.

It’s simply to make it sound more “real”.

In other words, we’ll be using minuscule amounts of reverb to make a bass guitar sound like it was recorded in a room. That’s because you most likely recorded your bass guitar directly into the audio interface (which is great).

However, we miss out on certain sonic qualities by not using microphones.

That’s where reverb/delay/echo/spatialization comes in!

If you’re using Logic Pro X, all you need to do is insert Chromaverb after your compressor. Once you’ve done that, look for the preset called “Dense Studio” which should be categorized under “Rooms”. I usually use 100% dry signal and 10% wet signal.

how to mix bass guitar in logic pro x - chromaverb settings for bass guitar
If you’re using sub-mixes, make sure you’ve got your reverb on that bus and NOT on your bass guitar tracks (especially if you’re bussing mutliple bass guitar tracks).

It’s that simple!

It just makes the bass guitar sound “fuller” and like it belongs in the mix. In other words, you won’t hear much of a difference, but it’ll make a difference in the mastering-stage (trust me).

It’s also important if you’re mixing TWO bass guitar tracks together (for example, using an amplifier + DI box). The reverb is also used as “glue” in this case which helps the two individual tracks sound like one (like they were recorded in the same room).

how to mix bass guitar in logic pro x - multi-tracking bass guitar

If you’re using sub-mixes, your main reverb should be inserted into your auxiliary bus. I don’t use multiple reverbs on bass guitar, but you may want to experiement with that on different instruments…

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