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In today’s article, we’re going to be learning how to mix bass guitar in Logic Pro X. To keep things simple, we’ll be using only its default plugins (Channel EQ, compressor and Chromaverb). However, you can easily follow along regardless of the DAW/plugins you use. The parameters we’ll be working with are universal, but these teachings are exclusive to Decibel Peak Academy!

I’ll be teaching you how to mix bass guitar in Logic Pro X using only THREE plugins. Of course, there’ll certainly be cases when more plugins are needed, but we’re only concerned with the essential elements of mixing today. In other words, you CANNOT mix bass guitar without using EQ, compression and reverb. As we’ll be learning, each of these tools/plugins has an important role in the mixing (and mastering) process. If I’ve got your attention, you’ll definitely want to keep reading to find out more about the settings I use, how I organize my bass guitar tracks and how to integrate them with other tracks.

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