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Silence speaks volumes,
but great sound captivates.

In today’s competitive TV, film and new media landscape, silence might speak volumes, but captivating audiences requires the power of something truly exceptional. At Decibel Peak, we offer a turn-key, full-service audio production experience, taking care of everything from recording flawless location sound to delivering immersive Dolby Atmos mixes. It’s the soundtrack your production needs. PERIOD.

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Location Sound Recording

Frustrated by noisy audio sabotaging your film, TV, or video? Silence the struggle with our reliable location sound recording. Our meticulous recordists and top-tier equipment capture flawless dialogue eliminating the risk of reshoots.

Music & Sound Design

Forget generic audio. Bespoke soundscapes by our sound design masters craft impactful scenes with flawless dialogue, SFX, foley, and music. Unleash emotional depth, realistic ambience, and your vision.

Immersive Mixing

Unveil cinematic sound. Our film mixing and mastering experts craft a seamless experience, balancing dialogue, effects, and music. Dolby Atmos® and surround sound expertise guarantee technical excellence across all platforms.


Stories come alive with the magic of voiceover and ADR. Our process breathes life into your project, delivering nuanced performances that resonate with your audience. Whether it's film, TV, commercials, or video games, we bring your characters and scripts to new heights with top-quality recording and meticulous direction.

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Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixing

Dangerous Rumours

Notorious mob boss Jimmy Marconi’s rise to power from the criminal underworld in Toronto, Ontario Canada during the late 1990s, a young woman goes on the run from the powerful mobster.

Production Sound Mixer/Recordist

Fly Away With Me

Angie finds the condo of her dreams in a tight market but finds a macaw when she moves in and there is a strict no pet policy. Her neighbor Ted also has a dog. They band together to hide their secret pets.

Production Sound Mixer/Recordist

A Christmas Fumble

Nicole is the “queen of crisis management” who is assigned the most difficult task: ex-footballer Jordan scandal, trying to hide that she and Jordan were ever dating, efforts to rehabilitate Jordan’s image are undermined for his fiancée.

Production Sound, Sound Design & Re-Record Mixing


A young man’s perception of reality unravels over the course of a frantic, life-altering phone call, which triggers an unstoppable force deep within him. Directed by Hope & Nico DeCastris.

Sound Design & Re-Record Mixing

In the Cards

CASSANDRA, a quirky, gifted 32 year-old Tarot-reader and IAN, a 37 year-old, insecure fashion designer struggle to survive as they collide with an enigmatic talent agency led by European Oligarchs who promise you the world as they plot their dark, secret agenda.

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Bjorn MagnussonBjorn Magnusson
05:04 24 Feb 23
Decibel Peak is awesome!
James MallochJames Malloch
18:49 15 Feb 23
Stefan is a very hardworking and conscientious sound designer and engineer who did a great job of foley and mixing on our project "In The Cards". Coming soon to a streaming service near you!
MaxTodd CareyMaxTodd Carey
18:22 15 Feb 23
Tempted to write a terrible review, only because their such a rare talent - Stefan specifically, I'm worried I won't be able to afford them the next time I need them. But, I can't do it, he's the full package, talented, courteous, professional, and artistic. ... Call them, you won't regret it.
Israel BonequiIsrael Bonequi
16:32 15 Feb 23
We've been working with Stephan for over a year now and it's been a great partnership. He's a dedicated professional and at the top of our contact list when it comes to sound.
Bob HendriksBob Hendriks
15:57 27 Apr 21
We hired Stefan Chamberland at Decibel Peak in 2020 to create and compose a commercial campaign music track followed in 2021 to oversee the sound design and recording of the continuation of that same campaign and in addition the sound design and recording for another. Decibel Peak overdelivered in all projects with focus, professionalism and talent. Stefan Chamberland is a multi-talented, all-round, music professional at the start of a very successful career with Decibel Peak and in the industry. By all means reach out to Stefan at Decibel peak for their services or us for more reference.

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