Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Review | Music Production, Mixing & Mastering

edifier mr 4 studio monitor review - decibel peak
edifier mr 4 studio monitor review - decibel peak
edifier mr 4 studio monitor review - decibel peak

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So, you’re looking for an affordable pair of professional studio monitors?

I usually recommend the PreSonus E3.5, but it seems like Edifier has come up with its own contender; the MR4. It’s actually Edifier’s first studio monitor.

I’ve used Edifier speakers in the past for general listening, but they definitely weren’t suitable for the studio. That’s actually why I eventually bought the Eris E3.5!

However, I was truly impressed with the Edifier MR4

In fact, I think I’m starting to like them more (and we’ll talk about why that is).

I’ll be sharing what I like/DON’T like about the Edifier MR4 and putting them up against the PreSonus E3.5 to help you determine which of these studio monitors is best for you.

I’ll also be answering some questions, so make sure to read my entire Edifier MR4 studio monitor review!

Overview of the Edifier MR4 studio monitors

For starters, let’s just keep in mind that Edifier isn’t known for their studio monitors.

That’s because the Edifier MR4 is their first!

That being said, I think Edifier definitely did a great job and that’s probably because they “referenced” one of the most popular affordable studio reference monitors (the Eris E-Series).

I might be wrong about that, but the similarities are definitely there!

edifier mr4 2 - Decibel Peak

Here are the specs…

  • 1” Tweeter
  • 4” Woofer
  • 60Hz – 20,000Hz Frequency Response
  • Auxiliary Input/Headphone Output
  • Balanced TRS Inputs
  • Unbalanced RCA Inputs
  • Monitor/Music Mode

So, it’s got pretty much everything the average music producer might need.

Let’s talk more about the features I personally look for in the following section…

What I like about the Edifier MR4 studio monitors

The balanced TRS inputs are a must, if you ask me.

It’s nice that the Edifier MR4 includes unbalanced RCA inputs, but it’s rarely used nowadays (unless you’ve got some older equipment). The AUX input definitely comes in handy though.

I also like the overall construction of the speaker itself.

It’s true that MDF is a more “neutral” sounding wood, but most speaker monitors (especially at the budget level) use this material.

The 4” woofer was a small upgrade from the Eris E3.5’s 3.5” woofer, but it still doesn’t grant you entry into the world of sub-bass.

More on that in the following section…

What I DON’T like about the Edifier MR4 studio monitors

Of course, it’s only to be expected… Small studio monitors cannot produce sub-bass frequencies. That’s why I still can’t recommend the MR4s to everybody.

If you’re producing EDM, you might not get the full spectrum.

The Edifier MR4 cannot produce anything substantial below 60Hz.

That being said, I’ve been using small studio monitors for over 2 years now. I reserve my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros for sub-bass “sculpting”.

60Hz is fine for most genres of music (funk, rock, metal, etc…).

I had to criticize the Edifier MR4s a little bit, but I can’t really think of anything else you should be expecting from such an affordable small studio monitor.

Edifier MR4 vs PreSonus E3.5

To get started, let’s look at this table…

Edifier MR4PreSonus Eris E3.5
Woofer Size4″3.5″
Tweeter Size1″1″
Frequency Response60Hz – 20,000Hz80Hz – 60,000Hz
Balanced TRS InputsYESYES
Unbalanced RCA InputsYESYES
Headphone OutputYESYES
2-Band EQ (Bass/Treble Boost)YESYES

As I already stated, it’s pretty obvious that the Edifier MR4 and the PreSonus E3.5 have more similarities than none.

Does that mean that they both perform the same? Nope!

I have to admit that the Edifier MR4 has a more powerful bass-response (especially in certain rooms), but it’s also true that the PreSonus E3.5s are slightly more affordable.

If I could go back though, I would’ve definitely splurged for the Edifier MR4!

However, it is true that the PreSonus E3.5 has a Bluetooth model (that costs a little more) that could come in handy if you’re into that sort of thing.

Personally though, I just prefer better value. Both of those options are viable!

Okay, let’s move on to some questions…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Edifier MR4

Does the Edifier MR4 produce sub-bass frequencies?

Technically speaking, the Edifier MR4 only produces frequencies down to 60Hz.

The sub-bass range is from 20Hz – 60Hz. 

The only way to overcome this would be with a larger woofer (if Edifier ever releases other models in the MR-series) or a dedicated subwoofer.

Does the Edifier MR4 have bluetooth?

At the moment, the Edifier MR4 doesn’t have a Bluetooth option.

However, Edifier is known for making Bluetooth versions of their speakers. Since the MR4 is new, it’s possible that it might happen in the future.

Is the Edifier MR4 passive or active?

The Edifier MR4 is an active studio monitor with an included power supply.

In other words, you don’t need a dedicated amplifier to power these.

Does the Edifier MR4 have balanced inputs?

Yes, the Edifier MR4 is equipped with 2 TRS balanced inputs (L/R). I highly recommend using an audio interface that has balanced outputs.

Summary: Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Review

In short, I think the Edifier MR4 is definitely worth checking out.

Also, I recommend mounting these on these B-Tech speaker mounts.

edifier mr4 3 - Decibel Peak

I just can’t say I’d rely on these monitors 100%. I wouldn’t rely on any SMALL studio monitor completely.

That’s because you need SIZE to get an accurate result.

If you’re not working for the big screen though, I think the Edifier MR4 is an excellent pair of studio monitors for beginners and advanced music producers.

You could always use an extra pair of ears!

That being said, I definitely recommend upgrading to a pair of larger studio monitors when you get a chance (you can read THIS article to find out more).

However, you’ll also need to take care of your room acoustics (READ HERE).

If you want my personal recommendation though, the best affordable small studio monitors have got the be the Edifier MR4 or the Presonus E3.5-BT.

I hope you found this review helpful and insightful.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments! Also, let us know what you think about the Edifier MR4s… Are you using anything else instead?




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Stefan Chamberland

Stefan is a highly proficient sound professional who specializes in sound for picture. His journey into sound production began at the young age of 16, where he initially produced music that went on to feature on local television. Today, Stefan utilizes his extensive expertise to record production sound and lead the audio post-production process for a variety of projects in the TV, Film, and New Media industry. Driven by his passion for sound for picture, Stefan founded Decibel Peak, a platform designed to empower and support emerging sound professionals while contributing to the growth of the industry.

12 thoughts on “Edifier MR4 Studio Monitor Review | Music Production, Mixing & Mastering”

    • Hey Karen,

      I’ve experienced the same issue with my set.

      Play around with the cables that connect your 2 speakers together. Make sure they’re both connected properly.

      It solved the issue for me. Let me know how it goes!

      Thanks, take care!

      – Stefan

  1. How do you turn the subwoofers OFF? I got the bass coming out of my subwoofers on the floor so I don’t need them coming thru these cause when turned up it cuts the audio part.

    • Hey Ryan,

      If you’re running a 2.1 setup, you’ll actually need to route your outputs in a way that separates the subwoofer from your left/right channels.

      You’d route your left/right channels to your MR4s and the subwoofer channel to your actual subwoofer.

      I hope that makes sense, let me know if you need to clarify more. If you do, please let me know what DAW you’re using so I can guide you properly.

      Thanks, take it easy!

      – Stefan

  2. Got today Edifier mr4 and put them on Kanto S2.
    Sounds good =)

    Strange why volume control have fixed rotation (but it’s not so big problem, because exist other control options..)
    Funny how they added sticker to remind ‘monitor/music’ light color.. Removed at same second :X

    • Hey pastuh,

      I just set them to maximum volume and control the volume using my audio interface. You’re right though, the fixed rotation isn’t the best.

      And yes, stickers are definitely not cool haha

      Thanks for sharing, have a good one!

      – Stefan

  3. Hey, can you help me pick mr4 edifier or presonus 3.5, i can’t choose which one the best for me, i want to use it for mixing

    • Hey Trudy,

      I still need to update this article with one important fact about the MR4…

      Its self-noise is much higher than the Eris E3.5 (unless the pair I have are somehow defective).

      That being said, I’d go with the Eris E3.5s if self-noise is important for you. The MR4s have a bit more low-end, but both of these monitors don’t get into sub-bass.

      Hope that helps, thanks for commenting!

      – Stefan

  4. What is the difference between Monitor and Music modes, and wonder how that affects my use case.

    I’m just looking for a high quality computer speaker for a bit of everything (Music, Movies, Gaming).

    • Hey Peter,

      From what I can hear, it doesn’t really make a difference.

      I guess technically speaking, it affects the EQ curve somehow (monitor being flatter).

      However, it’s really not audible. I think these monitors will suit your needs perfectly.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

      – Stefan

    • Hey Dominic!

      Here are the dimensions…

      – Height: 8-3/4″
      – Width: 5-1/2″
      – Depth: 6-1/8″

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


      – Stefan


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