AKG Perception Live P5S Review

akg perception live p5s review - decibel peak
akg perception live p5s review - decibel peak
akg perception live p5s review - decibel peak

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Little did I know, I had stumbled upon “the killer dynamic [microphone] no one [knew] about”.

The author of a review on GearSlutz claimed that the AKG Perception Live P5S sounded and performed better than both his Shure SM58.

When the SM58 was having feedback problems, the P5S was able to eliminate it altogether. In other words, I had in my possession a microphone that sounded better, performed better and cost less than a Shure SM58.

That’s why I decided to review the AKG Perception Live P5S!

So, how exactly did I find out about this high-performance dynamic microphone? Why exactly does it sound and perform better than the legendary Shure SM58?

You’ll just have to keep reading to find out…

What I like about the AKG Perception Live P5S

I had originally purchased the AKG Perception Live P5S to use as a microphone for a talk box.

I just knew that I needed a cheap microphone to get the job done.

AKG Pro Audio Perception P5 High-Performance Dynamic Supercardiod Vocal Microphone

Well, to make a long story short… I hadn’t used the talk box for many years, so the microphone had been put into storage. However, after reading that review on GearSlutz, I immediately took it out for a spin.

Since then, it’s become my favourite dynamic microphone for both indoor and outdoor use.

For starters, the polar pattern is supercardioid which isn’t conventional.

Secondly, the frequency response is 40 Hz – 20,000 Hz which is also pretty unusual.

In other words, the P5S is a dynamic microphone with an impressive ability to reject ambient noise and an equally impressive versatility because of the extended frequency response.

It’s also got a much “hotter” output than most dynamic microphones at 580 Ohms.

That results in a much cleaner signal-to-noise ratio without using an inline microphone preamp.

What I don’t like about the AKG Perception Live P5S

I know the AKG Perception Live P5S was designed for live vocals, but I personally don’t like having an on/off switch on my microphones.

It could definitely come in handy on-stage, but it’s just another thing to worry about.

AKG Pro Audio Perception P5 High-Performance Dynamic Supercardiod Vocal Microphone

Luckily, I have the original P5 which doesn’t have the switch!

AKG ended up discontinuing the P5 and replacing it with the P5S which is a good sign. I just wish that AKG would do a better job marketing this microphone.

Other than that, I really have nothing bad to say about the P5/P5S.

It even comes with a carrying case and a microphone stand clip-mount.

AKG Perception Live P5S vs Shure SM57

Although supercardioids can capture a bit of sound from the rear, it will never become a problem (unless you had something really loud right behind your microphone).

The real advantage is that they actually have a NARROWER pickup range than cardioid microphones.

100 – 110 degrees compared to 120 – 130 degrees.

In other words, your AKG Perception Live P5S will actually reject more ambient noise than a Shure SM57.

It also has a much wider frequency response than the SM57…

Shure SM57AKG Perception Live P5S
Polar PatternCardioidSupercardioid
Frequency Response40 Hz – 15,000 Hz40 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Max SPL94 dB144 dB
Output Impedance150 Ohms580 Ohms

AKG Perception Live P5S vs Shure SM58

In terms of precision, I feel like the supercardioid polar pattern fits nicely between a dynamic and shotgun microphone.

As I mentioned earlier, the feedback suppression on this microphone is extraordinary. It does a better job than the Shure SM58.

If you prefer an on/off switch, that’s also something the SM58 falls short on…

Shure SM58AKG Perception Live P5S
Polar PatternCardioidSupercardioid
Frequency Response50 Hz – 15,000 Hz40 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Max SPL94 dB144 dB
Output Impedance150 Ohms580 Ohms

AKG Perception Live P5S: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of polar pattern does the AKG Perception Live P5S have?

The P5S uses a supercardioid polar pattern which is slightly narrower than the typical cardioid polar pattern used by most dynamic microphones.

This results in greeted feedback suppression live and noise suppression in the studio.

What instruments can you record with the AKG Perception Live P5S?

AKG has branded the P5S as a live vocal microphone, but it’s much more versatile than that!

I personally use the P5S to record electric guitar amps/cabinets 99.9% of the time and I’ve also had great results using it on snare drums and tom toms.

It can also be used on acoustic guitar and acoustic piano.

Summary: AKG Perception Live P5S Review

So, are you planning to try the AKG Perception Live P5S for yourself?

I definitely recommend it over the Shure SM57/SM58 for the stage AND for the studio. It’s simply one of the best dynamic microphones I’ve worked with and it sounds great!

Of course, it’ll never replace the distinct sound of the SM57/SM58.

However, you’ll definitely get more mileage out of the P5S because of its extended frequency response. Dynamic microphones that go to 20,000 Hz are RARE!!

Especially at this price!

That being said, you can easily use the AKG P5S to record professional studio vocals and definitely use it to track your favourite guitar amp/cabinet.

If you’re looking for an affordable set of microphones to mic your drum kit, it’ll do that too!

Have any questions or comments? Leave them down below and I’ll get back to you shortly!




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2 thoughts on “AKG Perception Live P5S Review”

  1. Your review of AKG p5s dynamic, supercadioid mic is authentic and cent % true… To me, for any serious Vocalist, it is not a substitute for Shure SM58 or theBETA58..both are mere cardioid types… AKG p5s being Supercadioid can perform well in Live stage MUSICAL performance at one third the price of SM 58 !!!!

    • Hey Mohanan,

      You’re right, the P5s is definitely not meant to replace any of the classics.

      However, it does perform MUCH better in a live setting. I’ve litterally pointed one right into a speaker cone and no feedback.

      Thanks for commenting, all the best!

      – Stefan


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