How To Mix BINAURAL AUDIO in Logic Pro X

how to mix binaural audio in logic pro x - decibel peak
how to mix binaural audio in logic pro x - decibel peak
how to mix binaural audio in logic pro x - decibel peak

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Today, we’re learning how to mix binaural audio in Logic Pro X (NOT how to make binaural beats).

You’ll learn about a SECRET FEATURE that Logic Pro X has had for over a year now… I only recently found out about it.

Sometimes, I wish Apple would send us a memo…

Anyway, I’ll show you how simple it is to convert your mix from traditional stereo (L/R) to state-of-the-art binaural panning (which occurs on a VIRTUAL three-dimensional plane).

It’ll take your mixing and mastering skills to the NEXT LEVEL!!

Keep reading to find out how you can get started with this step-by-step tutorial…

STEP NO. 1 | Right-Click your channel’s stereo pan

step 1 - Decibel Peak

STEP NO. 2 | Select “Binaural Pan”

step 2 - Decibel Peak

STEP NO. 3 | Repeat the same process for each channel/track

step 3 - Decibel Peak

STEP NO. 4 | Double-Click your channel’s binaural pan

step 4 - Decibel Peak

STEP NO. 5 | Adjust your binaural pan using advanced controls

step 5 - Decibel Peak

Summary: How To Mix BINAURAL AUDIO in Logic Pro X

So, that’s how to mix binaural audio in Logic Pro X.

For the time being, Logic Pro X is the only DAW that has binaural pan integrated. I imagine that the other major DAWs will soon follow suit, but Apple is also planning to integrate an entire suite of spatial audio plugins by the end of 2021.

Apple Music is also starting to stream 3D/360-degree music, so let’s just say that I’m happy to be working with Logic Pro X.

I still can’t believe that I just recently found out about this feature!

It makes me want to go remix ALL of my music in binaural…

If you’re not using Logic Pro X though (or want to look at other options), I also wrote an article entitled “4 of the Best Spatial Audio Plugins”.

I’m personally considering the upgrade because the binaural pan plugin in Logic Pro X is actually missing some features.

Like I said, just check out the article.

AND if you have any questions about mixing binaural audio and music, feel free to drop me a line in the comments. Also, make sure to join Decibel Peak on Discord and to support our Patreon page if you’re enjoying the content.

Now, go and create some breathtaking binaural mixes…


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