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Recording Services

Do you need professionally recorded/sampled instruments for your project? Decibel Peak can deliver high-quality drums, percussion, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and keyboard.

Music Production

Do you need tailor-made music for your commercial, trailer, video game, TV show and/or film? Decibel Peak can create an award-winning soundtrack for your next project.

online music production services - decibel peak
online mixing and mastering services - decibel peak

Mixing & Mastering

Do you want to take your project to the next level? Decibel Peak can finalize your next release so it’s ready to be broadcasted just about anywhere (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, TV/Film, etc…)

Digital Services

So you’ve got some great tracks, but how do you get them out into the world? Decibel Peak can get your tracks ready for distribution by embedding the “all-essential” metadata.

online digital music services - decibel peak

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