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So you've got some great tracks, but how do you get them out into the world?

Decibel Peak Studio provides online digital music services for the modern musician. Whether you want to get your music published, distributed or just need some assistance when it comes to metadata and your database, we’re equipped to get your musical assets ready for the airwaves (TV/Film, streaming, etc…). Without these services, you’ll be missing out on potential royalties and listeners! Contact us for more information and/or to schedule a consultation.

our services

Music Publishing

We can assist you in registering your tracks with your local and/or non-local performance rights organization (BMI, ASCAP, etc...).

Music Distribution

We can assist you in getting your music distributed on all streaming services (Spotify, Apple, etc...) and even in setting up your own internet radio station.

Metadata & Database

We can assist you in embedding the essential metadata in your tracks that'll allow you to receive royalties and get found by potential listeners. we can also assist in setting up your own musical database.

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