about us

Our company is powered by creativity, knowledge and the desire to become better each day!

Decibel Peak was founded on May 11, 2019… It’s been our objective since the very beginning to pave the way for the next generation of musical entrepreneurs. We serve the needs of the music industry by supplying high-performance tracks and by providing continuing education for musicians that want to take their music career to the next level!


Most frequent questions and answers


The best way to place an order is to contact us:



We start by giving you an estimate (sometimes within minutes) according to your projects particular needs and requirements.


Every solution is tailor-made… 


Once we’ve agreed on the terms of our contract, we begin the creative process.


Generally speaking, we work pretty quickly since we do everything “in-house”.


We determine our deadline based on the size of your project and include it in the agreement. Once the first revision is served, the rate at which we progress depends heavily on how quickly you get back to us in between exchanges.


We’re always available during our business hours to chat live with you!



Instead of having to worry about how many revisions you’ll get, we’d rather give you piece of mind for… 




That means you get to take your time before making any decisions. We encourage you to listen thoroughly before suggesting any edits. This also means that our clients are responsible for providing clear instructions right from the get-go.


Of course, revisions include minor adjustments.


We don’t provide complete “overhauls” after the first revision.