Production Music for TV and Film

Production Music for TV and Film

Let’s combine traditional musicianship with modern technology! It’ll sound like it was recorded by real musicians, but delivered to you at the speed of sound. Instead of leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, you’ll leverage the true power of human intelligence. It makes all the difference, but this all-in-one solution isn’t for everybody. It’s reserved to those who want to move mountains, not just your speaker cones. Our high-performance tracks were designed for the big screen and to keep your audience engaged at all times.

  • Includes Mixing
  • Includes Mastering
  • Music Publishing/Licensing
  • Includes All Rights (sync, master, publishing, performance)
  • FREE DEMO for first-time buyers

Music Recording

Take your idea from mind to matter. Whether you’re looking for MIDI perfection or human performances, we’ve got you covered. Musical Instruments, Sample Libraries, etc…

  • Recorded by talented musicians using physical and/or software instruments
  • The ability to organize remote recording sessions (if it’s requested)
  • The ultimate all-in-one solution that includes recording, production, mixing and mastering
  • The option to choose from a variety of genres (soundtrack, orchestral, pop, rock, etc…)
  • The flexibility to create a tailor-made composition just for your project
  • The best one-stop shop for all your music licensing needs
  • Decibel Peak Productions holds all the rights to the music, so you get peace of mind
  • Receive your first draft within 48h
  • Express delivery available at additional cost for turnarounds under 24h
  • FREE demo available upon request for first-time buyers

How it all began…

I’ve been producing music for as long as I can remember. I was 16 years old when I recorded my 1st project. I had difficulty finding musicians to work with in the suburbs, so I compensated with software instruments and MIDI. Back then, it was out of necessity. Nowadays, it’s simply the way music producers create. The difference with Decibel Peak is that you’re getting the musicianship that was developed after years of mastering the electric guitar, musical composition and even musical improvisation. In today’s digital age, that’s becoming quite rare. It’s also becoming quite difficult to gather musicians in one place and at one time (especially when the deadline is tomorrow morning at 8AM). So, how can Decibel Peak help?

Music Production

Take your idea from bedroom recording to broadcast-ready. We specialize in TV/Film music so we know what’s required for the big screen. From custom-music to background instrumentals, we have what you need.

Why us?

It’s rare to find music producers who invest as much time in developing their craft as in creating infrastructure. You’ll always be taking a risk by working with an independent musician(s), but an independent music publisher mitigates that risk. On the other hand, the risk with companies is that you lose some of that connection; some of that magic. Decibel Peak combines the best of both worlds to give you maximum artistry and serenity of mind. Your next production will be more efficient, more cost-effective and sound completely UNIQUE.

We make music that matters for people who care. NOT THE MASSES.

Mixing & Mastering

It’ll be mixed to perfection and mastered with scientific precision. We’re up to date with the current loudness standards and how to make our tracks as HOT as possible.


If our high-performance track doesn’t knock your socks off, then we can’t bill you. That’s the guarantee we’re providing to first-time buyers. You can request a FREE DEMO and if we can’t match or exceed your expectations, we’ll refer to you to another producer free of charge.

We also offer a reasonable revision during the 7 days proceeding the first draft.

You’ll be at peace, relax… You’re already saving so much time with us!

Music Publishing/Licensing

Forget about tracking down rights owners, everything is done IN-HOUSE at Decibel Peak. Your music will be ready for distribution to the moment we deliver. We create licenses to suit your specific needs.

If you worked with any other music producer, it would cost you MUCH more money to have it all. Also, you’ll be putting yourself at risk if you decide to work with a music producer that HASN’T set up his/her own publishing company. It’s also common for music producers to use samples/loops improperly or that haven’t received proper clearance (which can cause quite the commotion as you’ll see in this example). You could be costing your production THOUSANDS in legal fees and in money that could have been saved from using an all-inclusive solution.

Decibel Peak can SAVE YOU THOUSANDS in legal fees and in your budget because we serve the TV/Film industry directly. We know what you need to have peace of mind, so let us take that burden off your shoulders so you can focus your time, energy and resources on bigger things.